oh my gosh, i have not been on this blog for so long, but i was debating whether to go back to it or not. i don’t know should i? help me.


It would really really help me if you took 1 second to Reblog this. i like some of your posts in return :)

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the-britishyoutubers asked: i love your blog :)

thank you so much. :)

hey, i’m sorry for not updating.

i’ve been on vacation for the last week and i’m finally back, but i have to get ready for school, so updating this blog might take awhile, but i promise, i’ll make more gifs and edit pictures. thanks to everyone whose still following this blog, it means the world to me. :) and i do apologize for not updating.

well, keep on checking sam’s channel. ok? k.

MARCUS AND SAM’S NEW VIDS, guys. check ‘em out.

his face expressions.